Our Story

Shortly after my first birth, I rode the struggle bus (high anxiety and likely had some PPD/PPA). I realized that I was a very high sleep needs person and having a newborn that wasn’t sleeping just did not jive. I tried almost every swaddle on the market in total desperation to get a little more sleep. 

Eventually, my son slept through the night, and all was well again. Then came my daughter.  I was more experienced and better equipped with dealing with newborn sleep and swaddling. However, I had an idea of a swaddle design that would better help new parents. My husband and I talked about the concept and after many late nights working on the design, we created the LullaBaby swaddle.

The design helps minimize the Moro reflex and keeps the baby snuggled, like in the womb. Our design includes inner wings to secure your baby’s arms by their side while outer wings fasten the swaddle with Velcro so that no Houdini can escape.  The swaddle is made up of high-quality 100% cotton that has the right amount of stretch and breathability. We went through many variations to find the perfect fit and balance.  We also included a double zipper for easier nighttime diaper

LullaBaby is committed to helping parents just like you. We understand that the newborn phase, although rewarding, is especially challenging. We hope that our swaddle helps you and your baby get more sleep.  Our swaddles have helped many parents say goodbye to sleepless nights. We hope we can do the same for you.